The Breast Friends Walk

Breast Friends Foundation


Sara Bryant Smith wanted to focus on helping in the fight against breast cancer. The statistics are stunning: one out of every eight women will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer in their lifetime and every year, 178,000 women in America hear the words they never wanted to hear, "You have breast cancer..."  The treatments are getting more and more advanced each year; those effected by the disease have reason to remain more positive than ever. The only remedy for that was to create an easier way to give. "I just wanted to do a simple walk around the Neck, " Sara proclaimed. So, the annual Breast Friends Foundation Walk Around The Neck Fundraiser was born. Each walker donates a minimum of $20.00. They receive a Breast Friends t-shirt and enjoy a scenic walk around beautiful Marblehead Neck. Sara's initial hope was to raise one dollar for every person in Marblehead, which was around $22,000. The walk begins at Devereux Beach and follows a three-mile course around the Neck. We will again raise funds for Massachusetts General Hospital's Outreach Cancer program. Walkers and volunteers are always welcome.  This year, we celebrate Sara's legacy with our 10th annual Breast Friends Walk.  We hope to see you there